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Under Slung Crane Manufacturer


Aditya make Under Slung Cranes are modular in using standard wire rope hoist or electric chain hoist.

The Under slung single girder crane is very similar to overhead travelling crane except for the fact that the end carriages are hung below the gantry girders made of I section.

The Crane’s end carriages are hung below the shop I Beam. The Long travel wheels move on the beam flanges and the beam girder is supported below the end carriages.

Under Slung Crane  

The Under Slung Cranes can also be supplied with overhang (girder extending beyond crane span) on one side or both the sides as per the requirement of customer.

The crane mainly comprise of bridge girder made from rolled sections such as I beams/ U beams. The bridge girder is connected to two end carriages, each housing a pair of wheels and running on the shop beam flanges. The wheels are driven by motor gearbox units. A wire rope hoist or electric chain hoist is suspended below the bridge girder. The crane can be operated through pendent station hanging from wire rope hoist or through radio remote control. The pendent station can be made to move independent of hoist movement as per customer’s choice.

Power supply to the wire rope hoist is through festoon cable system. The flexible cables are supported by cable hanger or cable trolleys that move on either taught wire or enclosed C track depending on customer choice.