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Crane Spare Parts

Spur, Helical and Worm Gearboxes and Internals
Helical Gear Boxes Wheels and Wheel Assembly Hook Blocks
Helical Gear Boxes Helical And Worm Gears Planetary Gears
100 MT Hook Block Crane Spares Sheaves Sheave (Pulley) and Sheave Assembly
100 MT Hook Block Sheave (Pulley) and Sheave Assembly
Rope Drum Brake Drums Wheel Assembly
Rope Drum
Coupling brakes Bail Arm for Laddle
Electrical Panel With VVVF Drive Bus Bars Pendent

We supply spare parts such as :

Forged Hook with C shank and Ramshron Type
Sheave made from Cast Steel with grooves machined accurately for wire rope support. Sheaves with hardened groove are also available
Hook Block Assembly comprising of Hook, Sheave Assembly, Side plates and rope guard. The is supported on thrust bearing and can swivel easily. Hook Block are supplied with Load locking finger and mechanism to stop hook rotation when requested by customer.
Steel Wire Ropes with IWRC (Steel Core) as well as Fibre Core. Special features such as anti rotation, galvanized and Stainless steel ropes are also available
Rope Drums are made from seamless pipe or MS rolled plates. Rope drums are supplied with or without flanges as per customer requirement. Butt welded joints in rope drum shell made from MS plates are tested radiographically. Rope drums are thermally stress relieved when made from MS plates. Left hand and right hand grooves are machined on rope drum for proper support to wire rope. Connection between hoist gearbox and rope drum can be made through splined joint, flexible in built geared joint or Barrel coupling / Malmedie coupling. Rope drums are supported at non drive end in drum pedestal that houses antifriction ball / spherical roller bearing.
Rope Band & Guide are made from Cast Iron. Rope band and guide can also be supplied based on your sample
Hoist Gearboxes – Two, Three and Four Stage gearboxes are supplied from Crane Hoisting application. The gearbox casing is made from MS fabricated plates. The casing is thermally stress relieved after welding. The casing is accurately machined on horizontal boring machine. The helical gears and pinions are made from rolled / forged steel of En9 / En19 / Cast Steel material as per design requirement. Gears and pinions are oil quenched and tempered to achieve toughness as well as surface harness. Gear teen are machined hob cut. Case hardened gear teeth are supplied as required. Shafts are supported on antifriction ball and roller bearings. Oil seal seat on shaft are have ground finish. Gears and pinions are Splash lubricated.
CT Gearbox – Two and Three Stage Gearboxes are supplied for Crane CT and LT motion. The construction of CT gearbox is similar to hoist gearbox except that these are provided with inverted T split in housing. The Output shaft can project on both side if so required. For Three stage vertical gearbox forced lubrication arrangement is provided through pump and hoses. Other gearboxes are splash lubricated.
Brake Drums and couplings with brake drums – Brake drums are made from rolled bar or cast steel. The brake drums are fully machined to eliminate vibration. Brake drums are dynamically balanced after machining when required by customer. The drum surface is treated to achieve high hardness for longer life.
Wheels and Wheel Assembly – Wheels are supported in L type bearing blocks. Wheels are made from forged steel/ cast steel and machined accurately. Wheels are suitably heat treated to achieve hardness of 250 – 300 BHN with volume hardening or 450 – 500 BHN with Induction hardening as per customer requirement. Tram wheels with either non ferrous bush bearing or antifriction bearing and open gear attached are also supplied as required by customer.
Compact Enclosed Festoon Cable System – made from enclosed GI track the compact festoon cable system is lightweight and no need to be supported against girder diaphragms. The system is ideally suited for flatform cables are single core cables. The compact nature of cable trolley means better hook approach and the system can be placed at crane girder level. The system is of modular design and can be assembled very easily. Components are available ex stock including PVC flatform cables
Pendent Cable with built in steel wire is available ex stock.
Shrouded Bus Bar – Insulated bus bars are available from 60 Amperes to 1250 Amps rating. These are modular in construction and compact in size. Spring loaded current collectors are supplied that ensure positive contact with current transmitting surface. Conductors are available in GI, Aluminium, Copper and Stainless steel material. Bus bars with expansion joint, hospital bay and suitable for curved track are also available.
Other spare parts - Electro Hydraulic Thrustor Brakes, Brake Shoe and Lining, AC and DC Brakes, Brake Hub & Rotor, Brake Coil, Brake Armature, Pin Bush Couplings, Geared Couplings, Slip Ring Motors, Sq Cage Motors, Induction motors, dual speed motors, foot and flange mounted motors, Pendent Push button station.